Boxydev Cloud allows you to create a team to facilitate collaboration between members of a team or a company. This allows you to share the management of servers as well as websites between multiple users. You can create as many teams as you need and you are not limited in the number of members.

note Team creation and management is only available for Pro or Business subscriptions.

Create a team

To create a team, you simply need to go to your Boxydev Cloud account. One name is enough to create a team.

To manage a team

To manage a team, just click on the one that interests you in the list of your teams.

Invite a user

You can invite a person to your team with just their email address. If the user does not yet have an account on Boxydev Cloud, he will be prompted to create one. The user must accept the invitation from this email address. You can cancel an invitation and the user himself can decline the invitation.

You can choose different permissions when inviting the user. At a minimum, the user will only be able to "see" what is on a server. But you can add permission to create sites, delete sites and even delete the server.

danger Checking the permission server:delete is a risk you assume to take in case the member decides to delete the server without your knowledge.

Share servers

You can share multiple servers on each of your teams. You can remove a member of a team at any time, he will obviously no longer have access to these servers.