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Cloud is a platform to easily create and provision your servers. Then, you can create and manage your websites with no pain.

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Cloud can manage your server

Like Boxydev team who run Cloud on Boxydev Cloud. And other amazing teams and people.



All things to manage your server

You don't need anymore to repeat things on your server. Focus on develop your website.


Provision server with Nginx, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis. Server is ready in 10 minutes so you can deploy websites.
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SSL Certificates

Protect your websites with a SSL certificate (HTTPS) instantly for free or install your own certificate.
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Easy deploy

You can create infinite websites on server. You can deploy a Git repository or install an application like WordPress and PrestaShop.


Firewall is configured on your server. Your server require SSH key authentication and security updates are installed daily.


You can configure backups for databases or websites and send it to Digital Ocean Spaces, AWS S3, MinIO, FTP or simply in local.

Load balancing

For scaling need, you can easily create and configure a load balancer on your website with some clicks.


If you need to run asynchronous tasks or long processes through supervisor, you can configure it easily.


You can create and manage your cron tasks on your dashboard. No more errors on setting frequency.


You can manage multiple PHP versions on your server and easily install or uninstall on your website.

Amazing API

With our API, you can use all features programmatically to manage your servers and sites.
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If you're a professional, you can share servers and sites with co-workers who can manage it.


Monitor your server, CPU load, disk space, memory usage and notify server health in real-time.


You can easily start workers for Laravel Queues or Symfony Messenger.


Check logs on your server or on your application.


We can help you as a team who develop and deploy apps everyday.


Create and provision servers anywhere

Deploy websites on custom VPS, Digital Ocean, Scaleway, AWS, Vultr and Linode.

Digital Ocean

Deploy any website or application

Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, PrestaShop and all the others.


Easy install your website or application

You can install a git repository with Symfony or an application like WordPress. You can easily deploy your application during his lifecycle.

Github / Bitbucket / Gitlab

Cloud is perfectly integrated with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab. Your project can be installed easily with git repository. You can also use a custom git repository or simply install a PHP application.

Secure user

You can separate your sites with different users. Each user can only access their websites, which improves server security if a site is compromised.

Zero Downtime

You can configure your project to be deployed with zero downtime. This means that website with a lot of traffic will never experience any downtime while deploy.

Manage deployments

Deploy your application anytime and from anywhere.


Receive notification of successful and failed deployments on your favorite channel like Discord, Slack and Email.


You can automate your deployment when you push code to git branch or when your continuous integration is successful.


The right price for you, whoever you are

A developer by passion, a freelance or a web agency developer.


9,99 99,99 /month* /year*

A plan to begin to create a server and manage two sites. Great to start.

  • 1 server

  • 2 websites

  • Limited support

  • Teams

  • Monitoring

  • Backups

Most popular


19,99 199,99 /month* /year*

You can manage three servers and six websites. Great to scale.

  • Create and provision 3 servers

  • Manage and deploy 6 websites

  • Ask support if you need help

  • Share servers and sites with teams

  • Monitor servers CPU, disk and memory

  • Backup databases and websites


29,99 299,99 /month* /year*

You can manage unlimited servers and websites. You can ask support as a VIP.

  • Unlimited servers

  • Unlimited websites

  • VIP Support

  • Teams

  • Monitoring

  • Backups

*Doesn't include server fees from provider of your choice.


Loved by developers and agencies.

Our software is simple and effective. People like it very much.

Super projet et hyper simple d'utilisation. Une grande aide pour héberger mes sites web.

William Truant
William Truant
Developer at ScopeX

Je vous recommande Boxydev Cloud pour gérer vos serveurs, c'est très rapide pour héberger vos projets Laravel ou Symfony.

Fiorella Johnson
Fiorella Johnson
Developer at Boxydev

Je cherchais un hébergeur spécifique pour mon site en Laravel, chez Boxydev, vous avez tout clé en main 🔑 et juste à cliquer pour déployer. Le petit bonus, vous avez même Github de déployable ! C'est le feu 🔥

Brunin Quentin
Brunin Quentin
Founder at Deviniteam

Tous les projets de Boxydev sont hébergés sur Boxydev Cloud. Le feu 🔥 pour gérer ses serveurs 👌 ❤️

Matthieu Mota
Matthieu Mota
Developer at Boxydev

Boxydev Cloud est un projet super qui me permet d'héberger et de gérer facilement tous mes sites et projets.

Steven Lucas
Steven Lucas
Founder at Vkg Maker

Avant, je configurais mes serveurs à la main, et cela me prenait une demi journée. Maintenant, j'utilise Boxydev Cloud et cela me prend 10 minutes tout en buvant un café.

Marina Schuster
Marina Schuster
Developer at Boxydev

“I wanted to create a server and deploy a website as fast as an elevator pitch. That's why I built Boxydev Cloud. Now, I can create one hundred server in one day.”

Matthieu Mota
Matthieu Mota
Developer at Boxydev

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