Server providers

Supported Server Providers

Boxydev Cloud allows you to create and manage your servers on the following server providers :

If your server provider is not supported or if you want to use your own server anywhere, you can of course link it to your account. Even if you link your own server, you get the same features as a server from a supported provider.

Bind a server provider

Before you can create a server on a provider, you need to link your provider account to your Boxydev Cloud account. You can link any number of providers and even several accounts from the same provider.

Link your own server

You can link a VPS server created at OVH for example or even a server that you host at home. You still have to meet a few conditions :

  • The server should be running a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04 64-bit.
  • The server must be accessible on the Internet.
  • The server must have access root via Ssh enabled.
  • The server must have curl installed.