You can configure your firewall on your server via Boxydev Cloud. For example, you can open the port 21 for FTP. You can only allow a specific IP address. When you create a new firewall rule, you can add a port row like 8000:8050 to open ports 8000 to 8050.

Default rules

By default, your server is protected with these rules :

  • SSH : Allow port 22
  • HTTP : Allow port 80
  • HTTPS : Allow port 443

danger You should never remove the Ssh rule from your server otherwise Boxydev Cloud will no longer be able to connect to your server.

Server network

We have simplified the process for the network between your servers. If you use one server for the web, another for the database and another for the cache, it will be easy to connect them together. Rather than creating the rules for each server, you can start from the server that should connect and choose which server it should be able to connect to. Boxydev Cloud will do the configuration automatically on each server.

For this to work, the servers must:

  • Be created with the same provider.
  • Be created with the same supplier identifiers.
  • Be owned by the same user.
  • Be in the same region and the same VPC (provider's private network).

Ssh rule

Be careful, if you accidentally delete the Ssh rule, Boxydev Cloud will no longer be able to connect to your server. You will no longer be able to connect to the server directly through Ssh. You will have to go through your server provider such as Digital Ocean, for example, which offers an interface to directly access your server root without going through Ssh :

ufw allow 22