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Welcome Boxydev Cloud

Monday, January 9, 2023 7:00 PM

Matthieu Mota

Matthieu Mota

We are proud to introduce you to Boxydev Cloud so you can easily manage your servers. You can find our launch article (french) on medium.

BETA launch

Boxydev Cloud is first a BETA version. You can subscribe to the Early Access list. Once we have validated your email, you can register and start using Boxydev Cloud.

There may be slight bugs but the site is fully functional. The only bugs we see at the moment are missing french translations but everything is fine for the rest of the world if you read english.

Trial period and coupon code

You have a 10 days trial period from your registration without add a payment method. If you add a payment method, you have 5 more days. The coupon code FIOFIO gives you access to a discount of 50% on the first year!